Baby Safety: Outdoors

Traveling With Baby: Baby-Proofing Safety Tips

babyinplaneTraveling with young children can appear daunting and maybe even a bit scary.  However, it need not be either.  In just a few steps you can child proof your hotel room, vacation home or a grandparent's home to remove many hazards. Taking these precautions can lower the chance of an injury, help you feel more confident that you can protect your children away from home and make it a little easier for you to watch your children.


Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car

aloneincar150x100Warm weather brings with it sad news: report after report that a child has died of heat stroke while trapped alone in a vehicle.

Believe it or not, it can happen in February,but starting in March, the numbers begin to skyrocket. These tragedies affect mostly infants and toddlers, but it can happen to young children as well.

Pool Safety at Home

poolsafety100x150The home environment has many hidden drowning hazards for children. Drowning deaths can occur not only in pools and spas, but in bathtubs, toilets and buckets. Keep these safety tips in mind to make your home safer from these hidden hazards.

Sun Protection for Babies

sunprotection150x100It is never too early to protect babies from the sun! 

Babies are not born with a developed skin protection system and have sensitive skin that is thinner than adult skin so they burn more easily.  A young child has more skin, relative to body mass, than an adult, so a sunburn will be more serious. Even children born to parents with deeply pigmented (dark) skin require maximum protection. Sunburns not only hurt and cause skin damage but they can also cause dehydration and fever.

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