Baby Safety: Hidden Dangers

Baby Safety Tips

safetytips150x100Once your baby is mobile, making your home safer is almost a daily chore.  Here, we give you some general safety tips that will help keep your child out of harm’s way.  Please remember that by no means is this a complete list but rather a guide to help you begin to recognize the less obvious dangers that may exist in your home. We can give you a specific list of safety recommendations that you should implement in your home only after conducting a home safety evaluation.

Basic Child Safety Plan

safetyplan150x100It is important that all parents establish a safety plan with their children when they are very young. The plan may vary based on the child's unique situation, but there are some safety rules that apply to all children. A child safety plan will provide guidance by telling the child where to go, what to do, and how to react in a potentially dangerous situation. Additionally, all parents should remember to address what to do if the child gets lost.

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