Why Baby Proofers Plus?

Rene and Howard Appelbaum

New parents trust Baby Proofers Plus for lots of reasons, we:

Remain the foremost leading baby proofing company in the area --- established 1993.

  • Maintain unwavering focus on superior customer satisfaction. Over 30 years of truly satisfied customers is proof.
  • Have baby proofed more than 18,000 homes and that number keeps rising because of caring parents/grandparents like you.
  • Use only the best manufactured child safety products.
  • Guarantee our products and workmanship.
  • Balance safety with aesthetics and your budget.
  • Provide peace of mind - fully insured.
  • Are active members of the International Association for Child Safety. Moreover, Howard Appelbaum, is among the elite full-service child safety experts in the nation to have earned the prestigious designation, Advanced Certified Professional Child Proofer, the industry’s only professional, accredited certification.
  • Offer the absolute best service and the most effective selection of safety products for all situations.
  • Come highly recommended by many renowned pediatricians and CPR instructors.
  • Help you look at your nest from a new perspective that includes baby.
  • Give you important parenting tips to make the first years of parenthood easier and free of preventable, predictable and controllable household accidents.
  • Teach you to recognize often overlooked potential dangers.
  • Educate you so you see things differently and learn how to keep baby safe.
  • And, yes we make house calls – that’s what we do --- we come to your home and help you make your home safer for baby.
We accept:
BabyProofersPlus accepts credit cards
NY: 212.628.8052
NJ: 908.598.0676
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