About Baby Proofers Plus

HowardApplebaumIn 1993, Baby Proofers Plus was a pioneer company in the tri-state area offering comprehensive in-home safety evaluations and professional installation services of the highest quality, government-tested certified safety products. Now, as we enter our 30th year, we are proud that we have baby proofed over 18,000 homes and in doing so have given so many time-crunched, caring parents the chance to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying many smiling moments.

Four solid reasons for choosing Baby Proofers Plus to help you make your home safer for your baby:

  • Quality We carefully select and use the highest quality, newest and distinctive, government-tested certified safety products designed to withstand continual use.
  • Innovation We specialize in custom protection of challenging situations such as spiral staircases, railings and terraces—the end result a safer environment for your child and a transparent solution you will hardly notice.
  • Service We are a full-service child safety company that makes house calls. Enjoy the convenience of having us guide you toward smart, safe and functional products and solutions selected for your situation, delivered to your home and installed for you professionally and correctly – and, almost always, it is all done in just a few hours.
  • Satisfaction We have been guiding our customers on baby safety, product use and selection for almost two decades and we are proud – about 80% of our new customers are referred to us by a previous customer, we think that says it best.

Over the years, Baby Proofers Plus has been promoting awareness and education of child safety through educational seminars, pediatrician and hospital advocates, as well as through many renowned parenting groups/classes. We are passionate about child safety and we know nothing is more important to parents than the safety and happiness of a thriving, curious child. Everyone knows babies can find their way into anything. It’s up to parents to make sure they stay out of big trouble.

All baby proofers are not created equal. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra” and Baby Proofers Plus has proven we know what it takes to be truly outstanding in our field. Recognized for our credentials and an outstanding reputation of honesty, expertise and reliability, our greatest accomplishment is a long-lasting history of exceptionally satisfied clients. Because sometimes, it takes a little help to have peace of mind.

Howard Appelbaum
Founder & Owner

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